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Las Vegas Area Sprinkler Systems.

Your Las Vegas area sprinkler system is the life line to your landscape in our harsh environment. Blazing summer heat and sudden winter freezes can reap havoc on the components of your irrigation system. Sprinkler leaks can result in massive water lose and sky high water bills.We are here to help ! We welcome the opportunity to service your Las Vegas or Henderson Sprinkler System .Give the Sprinkler Repair Experts at Affordable Sprinkler Repair a call Today ! 702-672-8568.
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Sprinkler System Components.

1. Las Vegas Valley Water District, the organization that disperses water in the Las Vegas Area.LVWD also makes up the Laws for the days of week you can water on ,and also the time of day and watering duration.

2.Water Meter, The meter is usually located in the front side walk in a box with a lid marked water. The water meter serves as a metering devise and also utilizes a shut off valve that can be locked out.

3.Main Line; Main Line feeding both the house and sprinkler system.The main line can be a number of different pipe types depending on the era in which it was originally installed.

4.Sprinkler System Shut off valves, Homes that are around 15 Years old or newer generally have a isolation valve to turn off the sprinkler system in the Garage.Other shut off  valves are anti siphon valves and PVB’s which I will reference in the following two lists.

5.Anti Siphon Valves ; Anti Siphon Valves are are a back flow prevention device that has rubber seals that only allow water to flow one way preventing the contamination of house hold water by irrigation water.Anti Siphon valves are turned on and off with a T shaped handle on the top and turn off to the right and on to the left.

6.PVB’s ; PVB’s short for pressure vacuum breakers are usually on the majority of new homes. PVB’s are a back flow prevention device that utilize two independent handles that turn the water on and off.

7.PVC pipe ; pvc pipe is utilized to carry water from the Back Flow Prevention device to the Manifold or Manifold’s for the irrigation system. PVC is also used to distribute water to Lawn Sprinklers and also Drip Systems in some cases.

8. Polyethylene Drip Line ; Poly drip line is the most common line used to disperse water to various parts of your landscape. Poly drip general sizes include 3/4” 1/2” and 1/4” . 3/4” drip line is generally used on larger properties in need of large volumes off water. 1/2” drip line is the most commonly used drip line and is utilized in most residential properties. The 1/4 ” is the line
that is plugged into the larger 3/4” or 1/2” drip line to disperse to the living plant in the landscape. Drip emitters are placed in the ends of 1/4” drip line serve as mini water spouts to water the plant exactly were it is needed.

9. Drip emitters are placed in the ends of 1/4” drip line serve as mini water spouts to water the plant exactly were it is needed.

10.. Manifolds ; manifolds are the PVC Plumbing that feed the valves in the valve box. Manifolds can consist of one, two or more divisions that go directly to the valves.

11. Irrigation Valves; the valves are the main operating part of a sprinkler system. A valve  basicly turns the water to the system on or off, this is accomplished when the Irrigation Timer or Clock sends a signal to the Valve via electric wires, when the valve gets power from the Timer the valves solenoid opens up and disturbs the vacuum that keeps the valve normally off. This results in the water from the specific valve to start flowing .The water turns off when the signal shuts off at the timer, this triggers the valves solenoid to close and shortly after the valves vacuum closes back off and the water stops flowing.

12. Irrigation System Timer, the timer or irrigation control box is the brain of the system, it can be set to come on any day of the week for a number of times and durations depending on the model. Timers are most often located in the garage or outside of the house.

13. Sprinkler Wire; sprinkler wire is the electrical line that runs from the timer to the solenoid on the valve. The sprinkler wire is used to carry the 12 volt DC current from the timer to the solenoid to activate the specific irrigation zone.

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